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The Habits Challenge
In this section, you will understand that inspiration, willpower, and motivation are not enough as you attempt to create habits or change behaviours, as the variable nature of these qualities can lead to repeated failed attempts. You will also begin to understand how you can build habits consciously and consistently, as opposed to these growing inadvertently.
Part 3 The Painter
It is now time to assume your painter avatar, an artist who will paint self-portraits, both of current and desired states of identities, behaviors, and habits.
Part 4 The Maestro/a
As the maestro or maestra, you will be an eminent composer and a conductor, who will coordinate a powerful Habits Quartet and compose a repertoire of Habits Scores to create the consistency required to build habits.
Part 6 The Learner
As the learner, you are yourself, as you recap your lessons and visualize what your success will look like, by moving your goals closer.
Create Your Habits at Warp Speed
You’ve gone the full distance, taken on the role of six avatars, and executed 48 missions in 11 voyages.
Warp Speed Habits – Sources
Warp Speed Habits – How to Create Successful Habits by Leveraging Neuroscience and Strategy
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Your strategic goals are conceptual, are large in scope, and have a long timeframe. To circumvent this potential issue, within the strategy–tactic intersection, you need to define the rules of tactical engagement.

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