My name is Marco Neves.

I am an author, speaker, trainer, executive mentor, and Leadership Transformation Champion, supporting and leveraging leadership and team performance across organizations, using cutting-edge science.

For over three decades, I have had the fortune of working in the fields of strategy definition, reengineering, organizational change, and leadership development.

In 2016, I came across an article covering the importance of neuroscience to organizations. I found it both fascinating and practical. Insights and scientific evidence to leverage behavioral change were coming to the fore.

Since then, I’ve never looked back. I found a passion for the brain, and have drawn and combined neuroscience insights with strategy, business management, and psychology, among others, to create Warp Speed Habits, a science-based approach to creating habits in business environments, and BRAIN SCANS®—Leading with the Mind and Brain, a neuroscience framework to support leaders and teams better navigate the emotional, social and (ir)rational workplace environment.

Various leadership development initiatives have also helped to enhance this model, culminating in the book, “Warp Speed Habits: A Brain-Based Approach to Changing Organizational Behaviors”.


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